About Director Tony RCs

I strive to provide creative excellence to my clients through my creative vision.
When I listened to the super hit song ‘Satrangi Re’ from the Movie Dil Se the very first time as a primary student, I had a vision of what the video should be like – rustic, raw yet exploding with frames which express the restlessness of the song. It’s when I saw the actual video and realized how close to the actual video my vision was, I decided to veer my creative career towards video direction.

Having started my career as a website designer, I transitioned to a VFX editor when I got my first opportunity in the industry via a prominent Punjabi Video Director. Bitten by the director bug, I set out to direct my first video titled Main Haan Desi. The video was directed for Youtube release and received a good response. This catapulted my career into the industry as a video director while I was running a design house in parallel.

Having worked on a string of videos, including popular artists like Miss Pooja, Diljit Dosanjh and others, I was fortunate to get associated with Mr. Sandeep Bansal and Mr. Baljinder Mahant and got an opportunity to further hone my skills as an assistant director under the mentorship of the talented Mr. Gautam Nagrath and Mr. Pankaj Kachawa for the movie Bikkar Bhai Sentimental. This opportunity completely switched my professional life dedicatedly work on video direction. Having gone through the experiences I decided to take on DOP + Direction + Editing to ensure that my vision could get the best treatment end to end.

I am Mohan Singh and my professional name Tony RCS is an ode to my dad and role model Late Shri R. C. Singh. I strive to provide creative excellence to my clients through my creative vision.